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B – Angry Birds Ribbon
This lanyard is made of 7/8 inch silk ribbon with a protective coating for durability. It features a Swivel snap hook, is 19 inches long and has a rubber embellishment.

C – Angry Birds
This lanyard has the design attached to black webbing and is 5/8 inch wide. It features a Non-Swivel snap hook, is 21 inches long. It is available without embellishment or with a rubber bird embellishment.

* Lanyard length is listed in the specific lanyard description is measured from break away clasp to end of the snap hook. Length is easily adjustable too!

** All Styles utilize a break-away safety clasp.

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Metal FREE Necklace Lanyards


A – Pac Man, B – Angry Birds Ribbon, D – Angry Birds EoW Plain, C – Angry Birds EoW with Embellishment


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