The Many Uses of Lanyards

If you read our last article, you already know the unique and interesting history of lanyards. Developed in the 1950’s by French soldiers and sailors as a way to keep weapons and tools close at hand, lanyards are used much in the same way today. However, the lanyard is no longer a tool just used by sailors and soldiers; the lanyard has a widespread use that is suitable for many people and organizations.

Custom Lanyards

At Southern Girl Gifts, we make custom lanyards, metal-free and MRI-safe ID holders, retractable reels, and unique badge holders. There are many unique uses and applications for lanyards that aren’t just a displaying of credentials; read on to discover unique ways to use your new custom lanyard and ID holder!

Athletic Uses

If you go to a gym or sporting event you’ll probably see a few lanyards. Whether you are a professional athlete or a gym rat, you should wear a lanyard. Having a lanyard attached to your keys or refillable water bottle is a convenient and easy way to carry your belongings. If your pants do not have pockets, a lanyard is necessary to carry your keys. Another great use of a lanyard at the gym is machine-saving. Say you are at the gym but need to go the water fountain; leaving a lanyard wrapped around a barbell or dumbbell lets people know that the item is still in use.

At a sporting event, prove to everyone that you are really a fan! Having a custom team lanyard designed will show your enthusiasm and love for the team and the game itself. Southern Girl Gifts makes many different custom lanyards for both amateur and professional teams. If you want a lanyard for your child’s little league team, we can make that too!


If you are a member of a sports team or are a part of the coaching staff, having lanyards to identify everyone on the team can be a good idea. This can be especially useful at the start of the season, when everyone is still trying to learn the names of new players and coaches. The lanyard can serve as a gentle reminder to someone’s name in case you forget! In can also indicate your team status to teachers and other students.


Passing out custom lanyards with your businesses’ logo on it can be a very good reminder for prospective customers or clients. Not only is a lanyard a nice piece of swag to receive, it is also incredibly useful. Creating a promotional lanyard can help advertise and promote your business. Having a custom lanyard can give your business a ton of exposure.


Lanyards can help you secure many valuable items to your person when you are outdoors. If you are camping and don’t have a headlamp handy, attaching a light source or a flashlight to a lanyard can be a convenient solution to the darkness. Either attaching it to a belt loop or around your neck can provide a constant source of light. You can attach many other items as well, be it a hunting knife, fire-starters, compasses and more!

Schools and the Work Place

Having a custom lanyard that displays your school or work pride can make a stylish addition to your usual uniform or outfit, while also identifying your status at the work place. Having a custom designed lanyard with your school’s colors and an inspirational message can often be a conversation starter. Some people also choose to clip a pen or pencil onto their lanyard, providing a constant and convenient writing source.

As a Gift

Lanyards don’t just have to be functional. They can be incredibly decorative and can be a great gift for anyone that needs some more organization or style in their life! Handing out returning employees or customers a lanyard with a thank-you basket can be the finishing touch on your token of gratitude.

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