Sports Lanyards

Lanyards have become so popular that many companies require it as part of their uniform now. There are quite a few reasons for this. One of the most obvious reasons is that you can quickly and easily identify a coworker or someone who works at the office. Many people also find it a great way to hold and keep track of their pens, mobile phones, ID cards, and pens/pencils. It is used in all walks of life; from seminars and conventions to help identify participants, to sports teams to help identify their position and rank, lanyards have a multitude of applications.

Custom Lanyard Designs

If you want to show off your pride for your favorite sports team, or if you play on a sports team yourself, lanyards are the way to go. At Southern Girl Gifts, we use two different types of snap hooks – one that swivels and one that doesn’t. Be sure to read the item description on our website to determine which type of hook you wish to purchase. If making a custom order to support your own sports team, let us know which type of hook you would like.

MRI Safe Lanyards

We make our lanyards with snap hooks for a variety of reasons. They are much more affordable than metal and offer a level of durability in the outdoors that metal can’t offer. Plastic will never rust and is much more versatile, especially if you are in a sports setting. All of our lanyards are MRI safe and built with the best quality materials.

Sports Lanyards as a Gift

If you play or coach on a sports team, consider one of our lanyards from “A Whole New Ballgame” series. If your child or loved one plays on a sports team, even better! Generally speaking, if a child plays a sport, that is one of their many hobbies and points of interest. What better way to show their appreciation of the sport than by ordering a custom lanyard? It doesn’t matter what sport you or a loved one is into; from golf, NASCAR, Baseball, Basketball, Football, CrossFit, or a plethora of other sports, we offer a lanyard for all sports!  If you don’t see a design that you like on our website, you can always custom order a design by sending an email to

NFL Team Keychain FOBs

Check out our custom-made NFL keychain FOBs handmade and designed by us! We offer sports keychain FOBs and sports lanyards that can show off your pride for your favorite sports team and your love of the game. Our keychain FOBs and lanyards are very durable; however, if you are using them in a sports setting, consider buying more than one, as we offer a flat shipping rate for all orders. All of our products make great gifts for sports teams, so ask about our pricing on bulk orders!

Custom Sports Lanyards

If you don’t see a design that you like on our website, send us a few ideas to and we’ll take your creative vision and make it a reality.

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