Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels for ID and Badge Holders

After 30 years of working in radiology (and two of those decades spent working in MRI), I discovered a problem in the industry: the MRI-safe ID holders were very boring and unimaginative! As someone that loves to experiment with different types of materials and designs to create art and jewelry, I was always disappointed with the lack of choice in regards to MRI-safe ID holders, badge holders, and retractable reels. This is why I set out to solve this problem; we needed more ID ‘bling’ in the workplace!

What is a Non-Ferrous Metal?

A non-ferrous metal is a metal – including alloys – that does not consist of appreciable amounts of iron (also known as ferrite, hence the name). Due to ferrous metals being widely available and less costly, many badge ID holders and all retractable reels contain metal parts, which can be incredibly dangerous when working in MRI or other industries (such as specialized construction, manufacturing environments, and workplaces that have metal detectors). A ferrous metal is generally composed of iron and unsuitable for MRI use and workplaces that use high-powered magnets. Examples of ferrous metals include stainless steel, high carbon steel, cast iron, and mild steel.

Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels

If you are looking for a non-ferrous retractable reel, Southern Girl Gifts produces the only non-ferrous retractable badge reels available on the market. I searched far-and-wide for a company that manufactured non-ferrous retractable reels and could not find any suppliers that did. We ended up having them special-ordered and manufactured with a metal spring that is non-ferrous and safe for use in magnetic fields.

There are many different styles and options to choose from; just take a look at our shop to see a few of our designs! We constantly update our shop and our webpage, so check in from time to time to see some of our new designs. If none of the designs on our webpage float your boat, you can commission me for a personalized and unique design. I can turn whatever image you have in mind into a reality; a non-ferrous reality!

Non-ferrous clasps for Retractable Reels

We have non-ferrous clasps that give you additional options when it comes to attaching your retractable reel to your clothes. Our alligator clips come with a detachable black cable that can attach to the top of your non-ferrous retractable reel or a plastic strap to attach to your ID badge. We also have bulldog clips if you are looking for an even more secure fit. Bulldog clips are aptly named; once they get their jaws on something, they’re not going to let go without a fight! If your place of work has a metal detector, you’ll never have to remove your badge or retractable reel again.

Metal Free ID Holders

When it comes to our ID holders and badge holders, we offer a large selection of colors to choose from. All of our products are MRI-safe and non-ferrous to ensure safe usage in any and all applicable industries. If you are looking for new ID jewelry, Southern Girl Gifts is the go-to store. We offer the only non-ferrous retractable reel in the industry! Add our metal-free ID holder into the mix and you have a completely MRI-safe ID holder and reel combo.

It would be my pleasure to answer any of your questions or fulfill any special commissions. You can contact me via the contact page.

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