Market With Custom Lanyards and Keychains!

If you own a business, you understand the importance of marketing. From paid advertisements to handing out ‘swag’, to showing up at conventions that are specific to your industry, every piece of the puzzle matters. Marketing and advertising can take many forms: many businesses opt for social media, billboards, and television advertisements to get their name out.

Let me ask you this: have you considered a walking billboard? Handing out lanyards, badge holders, and keychains that have your company’s logo emblazoned on it can accomplish just that! By handing out custom pieces of ‘swag’ (the term generally refers to free things handed out by companies as part of a promotion), you can reach more people in an organic fashion.

Consider Custom Lanyards for Marketing Purposes

Originally, lanyards were used by sailors and other military personnel to prevent important items from going overboard. Early uses of lanyards were simple: people didn’t want to lose their stuff. Today, you can see many people using lanyards in the same fashion that they were used in hundreds of years ago; generally, people attach keys, ID badges, or other important belongings to lanyards. Imagine if your company’s logo was on the neck of someone every day! They’re not going to forget the name of the company.

If someone is using the lanyard to display an ID or badge, rest assured, many people will see the lanyard every day.

Lanyards as giveaways

Lanyards and keychains are a great item to give away during special promotions, during conventions, while attending tradeshows, and as in-store freebies. If you notice many people were reluctant to pin their ID badge to their clothing, a lanyard is a fantastic solution!

If you are working at a trade show or an exhibition, give all of your employees lanyards to wear over their necks that match the company’s colors and logo. People won’t think twice about who to approach if they have questions about your business or service. Custom lanyards, printed with your company’s logo and colors, help spread your company’s name to a larger variety of people. Even if it only makes one additional sale, the lanyards will pay for themselves.

Our suggestion: if you want to increase the sales and awareness of your company, make a custom lanyard (with your company’s colors and logo) a mandatory part of the uniform. People won’t question whether or not someone works for your company because they’ll have the credentials and official lanyard to prove it!

Non-Ferrous Custom Lanyards and Retractable Reels

At Southern Girl Gifts, we have a large variety of custom lanyards, custom keychains, and custom badge holders and ID holders. Take a look through our shop and see the different styles to choose from! If you are looking for custom lanyards for business, do not hesitate to contact me with a personalized commission! We can make whatever vision you have for your company’s lanyard into a reality. With custom lanyards, you can open doors to new business opportunities and new friends.

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