Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner! If you’ve been looking for a gift for friends or family and don’t know what to buy, consider one of our custom lanyards, keychains, or ID holders! These are great gifts for anyone that has trouble remembering where they put their keys or ID: I think we all know at least one person who constantly misplaces things!

Gift ideas for Radiologists

A radiologist is constantly exposed to machines such as x-rays, computed tomography scans (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). You cannot have any sort of ferrous metal in an MRI machine because it imposes an extreme health risk to the patient and practitioner; thankfully, we make non-ferrous lanyards and ID holders so that your radiologist can be safe while on the job.

After 2 decades in radiology, I was always disappointed in the lack of *ID jewelry* available in the MRI environment. Hospitals usually provide dull and boring ID holders, so Southern Girl Gifts decided to change all that! Experimentation with different materials, glues, designs, and embellishments for my products resulted in a durable, functional, adorable, and safe custom lanyard. We now also offer custom keychain FOBs and other custom accessories.

Custom Gifts for Holiday Parties and Events

If you have an upcoming party or event, consider Southern Girl Gifts’ line of custom lanyards and key-chains! We can make a lanyard embellished with a picture of Santa and his reindeer for a holiday function, or we can print your company’s logo on a lanyard if you have an event coming up! Lanyards are incredibly useful, and chances are high that a visitor will keep the lanyard with your company’s logo on it for a long time after you give it away at an event such as a trade expo, trade show, exhibition, or company holiday party.

Non-Ferrous Lanyards and Retractable Reels

Non-ferrous lanyards and non-ferrous retractable reels make a great gift for anyone that works in a position where magnetic forces may prove dangerous; this includes gifts for security guards, hospital employees, construction workers, and teachers. Give a gift that will be stylish and practical!

Custom Keyckeychain fobshains

We make top-of-the-line custom made keychain FOBs that can help you remember where your keys are. Any design can be implemented into the material, so if you have a custom order feel free to ask to your heart’s content! If you have a design in mind, we can create it. We’re sure that we’ll have a design that fits your unique style.

Uniforms can be boring, but your ID holder and lanyard don’t have to be! Take a look at our shop to see all of our stylish and affordable options. If you have questions about a specific order, contact me via our contact page. Happy holidays!

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