Give Gifts With Personality!

Too late to order a Christmas Gift? Missed a December Birthday? Forgot to get a Hanukkah gift for a friend or loved one? Not to worry.

Late gifts are perfectly acceptable, and a year-round show of appreciation is always welcome! Keychain fobs, lanyards, or customized ID holders are ideal gifts for this time of year. How do you show someone that you care for and think about them? While a bubble bath gift set or gift card is always a fair choice, illustrating your knowledge of the likes and preferences of a gift recipient is a step up.

collage of lanyards

Why Lanyards?

Many of our friends and family members have jobs where they need to display identification on their person- security-related professions, healthcare jobs, front desk, and customer service- the list goes on. Many of these professions require the employee to keep in uniform, so there is limited room for self-expression. A custom lanyard is a great way to cheat this regulation and add some personality. Giving the gift of a personalized way to display your credentials is thoughtful and useful!

Why KeyChain FOBs?


And without a doubt, everyone has a set of keys. My personal pet peeve is when I put my keys in my purse only to have them lost at the bottom when I go to retrieve them. Without a substantial keychain of some sort to grab on to, I spend far too long in a dark parking lot on a fruitless search! Southern Girl Gifts’ Wristlet KeyChain FOBs are 1 inch wide and about 5-6 inches long, making them easy to find- even in a bag full of… well, whatever.

Make it Special

I can testify with certainty that a true sports fan will simply not grow tired of unique franchise merchandise of their favorite sports team. Because the team’s licensed merchandise items are often overpriced and common among fans, a specialized keychain FOB or lanyard that cannot be found on an official site adds a lovely touch of effort and care.

Showing that you know a friend’s favorite cause or charity or their most beloved film/TV franchise is always a great show of appreciation and attention. This display of care for the details can be as simple as getting a gift which speaks to a loved one’s personality and preferences in regards to bling, color, pattern, and design. All of these options and more exist for your perusing at, so come take a look and show someone you love that you know what they like!

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