Cheap Customized Lanyards

Have you been looking for a new lanyard, ID or badge holder that is durable, home-made and without flaw? Southern Girl Gifts makes quality, metal-free and MRI safe badge and ID holders that add flair to your daily outfit. Working professionals don’t need to be all suit-and-tie! Consider one of Southern Girl Gift’s products to spice up your daily routine!

Advantages of Custom ID Holders

Some ID card holders are made of flimsy materials and are not constructed well. If you’ve ever had a problem with the durability of your ID holders, consider buying one of our well-constructed and durable homemade ID holders. When making a product, Southern Girl Gifts uses only the highest quality materials for our products. Here are some of the benefits of SGG’s unique badge and ID holders:

Stand Out in Your Organization

Make it a conversation piece! Stand out from the crowd with a unique and stylish badge holder that is customized for your preference! Don’t be surprised if coworkers, friends or students ask about where you bought your new ID holder.

Protect your ID

Maximum protection and style can be yours with our snazzy colored or clear badge holders. These are ALL metal free, for ease of use through metal detectors and MRI machines. Our clear holders are made out of rigid acrylic and are designed to allow easy removal of ID while allowing a clear visual of the ID from the front and the back.-

Customize your ID Badge Holder Color

We provide a plethora of options to choose from; with our competitive pricing and top-notch materials, you’ll wonder why you ever chose a different ID holder! We offer vertical and horizontal options and many different colors to choose from. From green, purple, yellow, red, light and hot pink, custom lanyards onlineblack, clear and blue, we have many different options to choose from.

Need a Lanyard? We Have You Covered!

We offer a wide variety of lanyards that you can use to clip your new badge ID holder to. We charge a single flat shipping fee, regardless of how many products your purchase, so feel free to save money and purchase as many ID holders that your heart (or wallet) desires! Some people are harder on their ‘ID Jewelry’ than others. This may be due to the nature of their work, especially if they are working in the athletic or coaching business. We offer safety clips on all of our lanyards, so there is no chance of a lanyard getting caught on something and hurting your neck.

We Specialize in Custom Orders

All of our handmade and hand-packaged products are made with love and the utmost care. We are a small business focused on creating functional and innovative products for working professionals in any environment! If you need a custom-made lanyard to create something special, send us an email at for inquiries.

Custom Lanyards

At Southern Girl Gifts, we love to make your dream a reality. If you don’t see a design that you want, we can custom-build you your very own custom lanyard! Be sure to visit our shop to check out all of the different categories of lanyards we have! We have styles for most holidays, medical professions, nature and animals, a multitude of different sports and college themes, as well as different lengths, widths, sizes, and strengths of lanyards.

Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels

We offer the only non-ferrous (a metal containing no appreciable amounts of iron or nickel) retractable reels in the industry! These are safe for use in industries where workers are exposed to heavy magnetic fields, such as manufacturing environments, MRI machines, and specialized construction jobs. Traditional retractable reels made out of ferrous materials (generally iron and nickel) are unsafe for such environments. Examples of ferrous metals include high carbon steel, mild steel, cast iron, iron, nickel and stainless steel.

We scoured the internet to see if another company made non-ferrous retractable reels for ID holders and couldn’t find any! So naturally, we had them special-ordered and manufactured with a metal spring that is safe for use in magnetic fields.

Custom ID Holders

If you are in the market for custom ID and badge holders and lanyards, you’ve come to the right place! We offer lanyards with an unlimited number of options and styles. Your favorite sports team on a lanyard? No problem. Need a few baseball-themed lanyards for your child’s little league team? We absolutely have you covered. Ask about our unique and custom made designs, so you can stand out from the crowd. Contact us at today!



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