Stand Out at a Trade Show

Exhibitions and tradeshows are a great way to increase the awareness of your product, brand, service, and business. They are also a great way to stand out from the crowd and acquire new business partners, investors, and customers. Almost 80% of tradeshow exhibitionists report that they find at least one new supplier, distributor, business partner, or customer during a trade show; it goes without saying that you want to put your best foot forward when presenting yourself and your brand. Don’t get lost in the crowd when you are exhibiting at a trade show! There are many people to meet, sales pitches to deliver, and new businesses to be made. Here are a few ways to stand out at a trade show.

  • Spice Up Your Trade Show Booth

Not only do you want a booth that will reflect the image and ideals of your brand, you’ll want it to catch the attention of the passer-by. Grabbing the attention of your audience is key, so try investing in a booth that goes above and beyond the normal tables. Hiring promotional models or crowd gatherers that can fully represent your brand can go a long way, as these professionals are trained to grab the attention of trade show-goers. You can try investing in audio/visual displays and running demonstration videos that deliver solid information to potential customers and investors. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many words is a video presentation worth?

  • Demonstrate

Trade show attendees go to events to find out what is new in their particular niche. Everyone is searching for the next big innovation in products and services and it’s up to you to deliver that knowledge. Demonstrations are one of the most effective ways at promoting your brand and showing what your company is all about. Demonstrations are interactive infomercials, so make sure to practice exactly what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, and what you are going to do to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or service.

  • Giveaways and Games

Going off the last point, a demonstration may hold the attention of more potential clients if there is a chance that they can win something at the end of the demonstration. A fun, interactive game can encourage audience members to participate, which in itself may spark an interest in your product. If you ask the audience to sign up for the demonstration/giveaway/game, it also affords you an opportunity to collect important information, such as telephone numbers, email addresses, and company information.

  • Order Custom Lanyards

Passing out useful items during giveaways with your company’s branded logo on the item is a great idea, as many people will consistently use that lanyard, key fob, or key chain in their day-to-day use. The lanyard will serve as a constant reminder of your brand, which may be the tipping point for many potential customers that are deciding whether or not to buy your particular service or product.

  • Dress to Impress

All of your employees, whether they are full-time, part-time, or hired professionals, should all be wearing matching uniforms, polo shirts etc. If you look the part and act the part, trade show attendees will be much more likely to do business with people that they perceive as professional. Always try to make your exhibit and your employees match the ideal and aesthetic of your brand.

  • Food

There’s no better way to a prospective business partner or client’s heart than free food. If the exhibition allows, having a few platters of catered food (sandwiches, grapes, and cheese) can go a long way at attracting attendees to your booth.

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