Student ID Badge Lanyard

Let Me See Your ID, Please

If you’re the parent of a child who is currently in their middle or high school years, you can bet your child has heard these words before. Or, perhaps you’re a student and wanted to take a quick bathroom break to roam the halls in search of friends to talk to. What you instead find is your local school administrator or security guard who is obligated to ask you if you’ve got your ID.

  1. This is for security purposes.
  2. This is also just a small way for the school to make money on replacement IDs.
  3. This is mostly just a way to get detention because you don’t want to wear your lanyard and ID.

So, here’s the good news. You don’t have to get detention for forgetting your ID. Here at Southern Girl Gifts, we make all sorts of stylish lanyards for any sort of occasion, taste or preferences. The key to staying on your school administration’s good side and staying out of detention is to find yourself a quality lanyard that will actually make you want to wear your dang ID.

Let’s go over a few types of lanyards that would go well with school life:

Bling Lanyards

Is this your first GOOD lanyard? Why not go all out? Get a bling lanyard! We have a wide variety of blinged out lanyards that appeal to a variety of tastes. With these highly visible lanyards, you’re sure to catch the eyes of the student body in the most conspicuous way. If you want all eyes on you and just revel in the attention, these are the lanyard types for you. Flashy, unique and most importantly—exploding with confidence!

Budget-Friendly Lanyards

Are you ballin’ on a budget? School life is often a frugal life indeed. Being a student is all about money management, even if you work, there are so many avenues that demand your spending. From social activities to saving for a car or upcoming field trips, homecoming, prom, etc. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered with our budget-friendly lanyards! Within our selection, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you and doesn’t break the bank when you have other financial responsibilities to tend to!

Lanyards For the Socially Conscious

awareness lanyards

Are you passionate about a particular cause or charity? We have many lanyards for the socially conscious student on the go! Rep your chosen charity or cause with our awareness ribbons and colored lanyards. We have lanyards for breast cancer awareness, lung cancer awareness, lupus, organ donation and many more!

Make School Life Flashier with Custom Lanyards

Do you want to be the most popular kid in school? If you’re a parent, do you want your kid to be the most popular kid in school? Okay, so maybe you won’t be the MOST popular…but you’ll be pretty close! Our custom lanyards are all lovingly handcrafted and made so that you can express yourself at work or school. If you have an idea for a lanyard that you’re passionate about and want to see it come to life, click here to visit our contact page to make that dream come true!

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