Lanyards For Heavy Duty Use

Heavy Duty Lanyards

Are you someone that has to work outside for the majority of your time? Perhaps you’re an event coordinator, helping companies or non-profits manage their events and to help manage some of the chaos that comes with hosting live events. Maybe help venues set up concerts for bands and you play a pivotal role in fostering the local music scene by doing the heavy lifting. You could be a scout leader, camp counselor, or a construction worker—you get the point. There are many careers, jobs, and hobbies that require you to work outside through environmental that would cause wear and tear over time such as rain, heat, mud, etc. Here are some lanyards that can handle the beating while also keeping you looking stylish!

Breakaway Closure Lanyards

A breakaway closure lanyard is an ideal choice for people who need something more durable. Generally speaking, lanyards will come with a clip style closure or a breakaway style closure. Clip styles are great for people who need to frequently remove their ID, whether to use them for scanning identification or they often are required to present it to another staff member when moving from department to department. Either way, these are not great choices for those who need something rougher and tumble.

Our breakaway closure lanyards are offered in a large variety of styles ranging from bright and flashy to more conservative and toned down. We also have many lanyards that let you represent your favorite sports teams or lanyards that let you show enthusiasm for the upcoming holidays. Our Game ON Lanyards are very popular choices for convention comic/game convention attendees.

Heavy Duty Sewn Lanyards

Our Heavy Duty Sewn lanyards are the perfect choice for the rugged enthusiast or for those who have to get down and dirty at work! These lanyards are a prime choice for those organizing outdoor activities or for those who work outdoors for a living. The combination of rain and sun and start to dry out and fray many ordinary lanyards that are designed to be more elegant and silky by touch. These lanyards are designed to be tough and sewn for durability. If you’re frequently getting a lot of sunshine and rain in your day to day, try out our heavy-duty webbing lanyards, you won’t be disappointed! All of our styles utilize a breakaway safety clasp so that any snags or tugs you experience won’t be enough to rip your identification or keys off of your lanyard!

Buy Custom Lanyards Build To Last

At Southern Girl Gifts, we pride ourselves on our fully custom made lanyards. When we started our business, we wanted it to be founded in solid craftsmanship with tender love and care put into every single lanyard we make. Due to this, we are always open to new ideas! If you have an idea for a lanyard you’d love to have in your collection, please do not hesitate to contact us at! Together we can make your idea come to life in a fully custom made lanyard that you can be sure to show off to others knowing you’re wearing a one-of-a-kind piece!

Visit our shop today to find a custom lanyard to suit any special occasion today!

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