Animal Embellished Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels



The first AND only non-ferrous retractable badge reels available exclusively from Southern Girl Gifts!  The type of embellishment is listed after the item description below.

A1 – 3D Bulldog on black reel (Painted Resin)
A2 – Yellow Ducks on black reel (Glass)
A3 – Giraffe on white reel (Plastic)
A4 – Shark on black reel (Painted Resin)
A5 – Pink Flamingo on black reel (Painted Resin)
A6 – Pink Browning Deer on black reel (Painted Resin)
A7 – Lady Bugs on white reel (Plastic)
A8 – Bumble Bee side view on black reel (Plastic)
A9 – Bumble Bee from top on black reel (Plastic)
A10 – White Dog on black reel (Plastic)
A11 – Terrier on black reel (Plastic)
A12 – Dog on black reel (Plastic)
A13 – Boxer on black reel (Plastic)
A14 – Poodle on black reel (Plastic)
A15 – Dog on black reel (Plastic)
A16 – Shaggy Dog on back reel (Plastic)
A17 – I Love Cats on red reel (Plastic)
A18 – Gray Cat on black reel (Plastic)
A19 – Black & White Cat on white reel (Plastic)
A20 – Brown Cat on black reel (Plastic)
A21 – Orange Cat on black reel (Plastic)
A22 – White Cat on black reel (Plastic)
A23 – Pink Paw on black reel (Rubber)
A24 – Blue Paw on blue reel (Rubber)
A25 – Yellow Paw on black reel (Rubber)
A26 – Green Paw on black reel (Rubber)
A27 – Pug on white reel (Plastic)
A28 – St. Bernard on white reel (Plastic)
A29 – Maltese on black reel (Plastic)
A30 – Retriever on black reel (Plastic)
A31 – Butterflies on pink reel (Plastic)
A32 – Mallard Duck on black reel (Painted Resin)
A33 – Dog on black reel (Plastic)
A34 – Boxer on black reel (Plastic)

Don’t forget a metal-free bulldog or alligator clip to attach your reel to your clothing!
If you don’t see the style you want, please email me and I will be happy to make it for you!

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Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels


A1 – Bulldog, A2 – Yellow Ducks, A3 – Giraffe, A4 – Shark, A5 – Flamingo, A6 – Pink Browning Deer, A7 – Lady Bugs, A8 – Bumble Bee side view, A9 – Bumble Bee top view, A10 – White Dog, A11 – Terrier, A12 – Dog, A13 – Boxer, A14 Poodle, A15 – Dog, A16 – Shaggy Dog, A17 – Love Cats, A18 – Gray Cat, A19 – Black & White Cat, A20 – Brown Cat, A21 – Orange Cat, A22 – White Cat, A23 – Pink Paw, A24 – Blue Paw, A25 – Yellow Paw, A26 – Green Paw, A27 – Pug, A28 – St Bernard, A29 – Maltese, A30 – Retriever, A31 – Butterflies, A32 – Mallard, A33 – Dog, A34 – Boxer 2


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