Flower Embellished Non-Ferrous Retractable Badge Reels



The first AND only non-ferrous retractable badge reels available exclusively from Southern Girl Gifts!  The type of embellishment is listed after the item description below.

F1 – Blue Patchwork Flower on Blue Reel (Fabric)
F2 – Pink Patchwork Flower on Pink Reel (Fabric)
F3 – Yellow Patchwork Flower on Black Reel (Fabric)
F4 – Green Patchwork Flower on White reel (Fabric)
F5 – Black & Silver Flower on Black Reel (Plastic)
F6 – Red Rose on White Reel (Plastic)
F7 – Pink-Yellow Flower on Pink Reel (Rubber)
F8 – Pink-Purple Flower on White Reel (Rubber)
F9 – Red-Yellow Flower on White Reel (Rubber)
F10 – Pink-White Flower on White Reel (Rubber)
F11 – Sparkle Flower on Blue Reel (Plastic)
F12 – Sparkle Flower on Pink Reel (Plastic)

Don’t forget a metal-free bulldog or alligator clip to attach your reel to your clothing!
If you don’t see the style you want, please email me and I will be happy to make it for you! SouthernGGifts@gmail.com

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Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels


F1 – Blue Patchwork, F2 – Pink Patchwork, F3 – Yellow Patchwork, F4 – Green Patchwork, F5 – Black-Silver, F6 – Red Rose, F7 – Pink-Yellow, F8 – Pink-Purple, F9 – Red-Yellow, F10 – Pink-White, F11 – Sparkle Blue, F12 – Sparkle Pink


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