Girl Stuff Embellished Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels



The first AND only non-ferrous retractable badge reels available exclusively from Southern Girl Gifts!  The type of embellishment is listed after the item description below.

G50 – Princess Crown on Pink Reel (Painted Resin)
G51 – “Princess” on Pink Reel (Painted Resin)
G52 – Pink Boots on White Reel (Painted Resin)
G53 – Pink Heart on Black Reel (Fabric)
G54 – Blue Heart on White Reel (Fabric)
G55 – Blue Polka Dot Bow on White Reel (Rubber)
G56 – Yellow Polka Dot Bow on White Reel (Rubber)
G57 – Green Polka Dot Bow on White Reel (Rubber)
G58 – Light Blue Bow on White Reel (Colored Resin)
G59 – Clear Pink Bow on White Reel (Colored Resin)
G60 – Black Bow on Pink Reel (Colored Resin)
G61 – Solid Pink Bow on Black Reel (Colored Resin)
G62 – Off White Bow on Black Reel (Colored Resin)
G63 – Pink Sparkle Bow on White Reel (Colored Resin)
G64 – Ballerina on White Reel (Painted Resin)

Don’t forget a metal-free bulldog or alligator clip to attach your reel to your clothing!
If you don’t see the style you want, please email me and I will be happy to make it for you!

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Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels


G50 Crown, G51 Princess, G52 Pink Boots, G53 Pink Heart, G54 Blue Heart, G55 Blue Dot Bow, G56 Yellow Dot Bow, G57 Green Dot Bow, G58 Blue Resin Bow, G59 Clear Pink Resin Bow, G60 Black Resin Bow, G61 Solid Pink Resin Bow, G62 Off White Resin Bow, G63 Pink Sparkle Resin Bow, G64 Ballerina


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