Plastic Clips & Non-Ferrous Clasps for Retractable Reels



These all plastic clips and Non-Ferrous clasp options give you additional ways to attach your Non-Ferrous Retractable Reel to your clothes. Options listed below.

Alligator Clips come with a detachable black cable that attaches to the top of the Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels OR a plastic strap to attach your ID badge.
A – Black
B – White
C – Red
D – Blue
E – Yellow
F – Orange
G – Green

3A – Silver Non-Ferrous Oval Clasp

NEW! Bulldog Clips are very secure and come in great colors!
6A – Black
6B – Smoke
6C – Clear
6D – Purple
6E – Pink
6F – Red
6G – Green
6H – Midnight
6J – Blue
6K – Yellow

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Metal Free ID Holders, Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels


2A – Black Alligator Clip, 2B – White Alligator Clip, 2C – Red Alligator Clip, 2D – Blue Alligator Clip, 2E – Yellow Alligator Clip, 2F – Orange Alligator Clip, 2G – Green Alligator Clip, 3A – Silver Non-Ferrous Oval Clasp, 4A – Black Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 4B – White Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 4C – Red Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 4D – Blue Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 4E – Yellow Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 4F – Orange Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 4G – Green Alligator Clip w/ Strap, 6A – Black Bulldog Clip, 6B – Smoke Bulldog Clip, 6C – Clear Bulldog Clip, 6D – Purple Bulldog Clip, 6E – Pink Bulldog Clip, 6F – Red Bulldog Clip, 6G – Green Bulldog Clip, 6H – Midnight Bulldog Clip, 6J – Blue Bulldog Clip, 6K – Yellow Bulldog Clip


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