Rad Tech Embellishments for Retractable Reels



Embellish your Non-Ferrous Retractable Badge Reels and show off your profession!

These embellishments will be attached to the purchased Retractable Badge Reel and they are made from laser cut acrylic, so there is no metal anywhere on them. There are almost limitless options for color combinations, so have some fun with your color combinations!
** If you are ordering more than one Embellishment and Reel, please tell me which color embellishment goes on which color reel in the notes section of the checkout process.

Options are:
1 – RT(R)
2 – RT(R)(MR)
3 – MRI Technologists

Colors are:
A – Black
B – White
C – Red
D – Navy Blue
E – Yellow
F – Orange
G – Lime Green
H – Silver
I – Purple
J – Pink
K – Light Blue

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Non-Ferrous Retractable Reels


Black RT(R), White RT(R), Red RT(R), Lime Green RT(R), Silver RT(R), Purple RT(R), Black RT(R)(MR), White RT(R)(MR), Red RT(R)(MR), Lime Green RT(R)(MR), Silver RT(R)(MR), Purple RT(R)(MR), Black MRI Tech, White MRI Tech, Red MRI Tech, Lime Green MRI Tech, Silver MRI Tech, Purple MRI Tech, Navy Blue RT(R), Yellow RT(R), Orange RT(R), Pink RT(R), LT Blue RT(R), Navy Blue RT(R)(MR), Yellow RT(R)(MR), Pink RT(R)(MR), LT Blue RT(R)(MR), Navy Blue MRI Tech, Yellow MRI Tech, Orange MRI Tech, Pink MRI Tech, LT Blue MRI Tech

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Black, White, Blue, Red, Pink, No reel


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